Workers' Compensation Fraud

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigation and Surveillance in Kansas City

It is unfortunate that workers’ compensation fraud continues to take place on a regular basis. Companies lose untold numbers of dollars each year because employees and third parties conspire to lie in order to receive undeserved benefits. If left unchecked, this can significantly drag down a company’s bottom line. Also, if one employee is allowed to get away with this, it might embolden other workers to do the same as well. Our clients know this, and this is one reason they turn to the private investigators of Eagle Eyes Investigations in order to stop or prevent this type of fraud.

If you want to make sure that your business is not being undermined by workers' compensation fraud, please get in touch with us through our Contact page. Our private detective will work to protect your company and investigate possible fraud.

Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigation: We Have the Necessary Skills and Experience

In order to determine whether workers’ compensation fraud is taking place, there is a need to engage in surveillance and further investigation. However, business owners need to remember that when fraud is taking place, the perpetrator will likely be taking steps to prevent his lie from being uncovered. For example, if he is faking an injury, he may conspire with a medical professional to support his claim. He will also make it a point to pretend to be injured, not just in public, but possibly even when few people are watching. This is not usually something that a simple visit to the employee's home will uncover.

Thankfully, our investigators are experienced in identifying workers’ compensation fraud. This experience allows our private investigator to better identify when someone is lying or faking an injury. It also guides us as we collect evidence to prove the lie. Our investigators also know how to keep a low profile or be invisible, so that fraudsters are not tipped off to an ongoing investigation.

Our Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigation Equipment and Tools

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations and Surveillance in KC

Surveillance and invisible observation rely not just on having the appropriate skills, but also on using up-to-date tools. The right equipment will allow investigators to observe their target without being noticed. More than that, the right tools will allow them to collect the video or photographic evidence needed to prove that the claim is founded on a falsehood. This is not something that should be left to amateurs. When you bring in our professional investigators, you can be sure that they possess both the knowledge and equipment to effectively dig deeper into a claim.

It does not matter whether the surveillance will take place in an urban setting, such as a densely packed city, or a more rural area. When you hire a private investigator from our firm, that person will be able to conduct the necessary surveillance whether in a rural or urban setting.

Learn More About How We Investigate Workers' Compensation Fraud

If workers’ compensation fraud is a concern for you, do not delay. Get in touch with our firm through our Contact page, so that we can have a private detective look into your case right away.

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