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Process Server Services in Kansas City

Service of process is a task that you do not want to leave to amateurs. If done improperly, the other party may be able to successfully challenge your case solely on that basis, causing your case to be thrown out. At the very least, such a challenge could unduly lengthen or delay the progress of a case. Therefore, process serving is something that must be done right the first time. At Eagle Eyes Investigations, we can handle your process serving so that you can be assured that you have a professional process server carrying out this task for you and following all of the necessary steps.

If you or your organization needs a process server that will get the task done right, get in touch with us via our Contact page. As an experienced private detective firm, we will take every step necessary to ensure your services are handled properly and your needs met.

How We Can Help Meet Your Process Server Needs

When it comes to process serving, we understand how deceptively simple, yet incredibly important this job is. It is usually not a simple as just going to a person’s residence and delivering papers. Therefore, when we carry out this type of task, we do more than just knock on a door and leave. Our process serving services include tasks such as:

  • Investigating Addresses
  • Performing Photograph Searches
  • Possessing & Applying Relevant Knowledge

Process Server Services – Investigating Addresses

We do not just take it for granted that an address supplied is accurate. Therefore, our investigators do the necessary research to confirm this information before they even step out the door. We have access to sources of information, which can be used to double and triple check addresses. By taking steps to make sure that the information we possess is accurate, there will be less trouble and less time wasted when locating people.

Process Server: Service of Process in Kansas City

Process Server Services – Performing Photograph Searches

Another step that our investigators do during the process serving process is to cross-reference the information with which they are supplied with photographs that they are able to find online and through other sources. This step helps to make sure that they are better and more quickly able to locate the person to be served. It also helps to ensure that service of process is done on the correct person, in an efficient, rapid, and effective manner.

Process Server – Applying Relevant Knowledge

When it comes to finding a process server, it is important to realize that this task quite often involves more than a mere search and serve. There is much more that goes on under the surface, in order to ensure that the service is done in the proper way. For instance, our investigators are aware that different states and jurisdictions may have different rules regarding how service must be done in order to be considered completed. How far does the process server have to go in order to consider the action done, especially in the case of someone who refuses to accept the documents? Our people know the answer to this question, even if it varies from place to place.

Our investigators also know that there are rules regarding what actions are permitted and not permitted when a serving process. For example, in some cases, there may be particular prohibitions or limitations as to what can be done on a person's property. With this knowledge, our investigators are able to achieve a successful service, without running overstepping any relevant laws or regulations.

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If you or your organization needs a quality process server that can get the job done right, please get in touch with us via our Contact page. We would be happy to have our private detective talk with you and explain how we can help.

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