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Eagle Eyes Investigations provides background investigation work, as well as criminal background investigation services. These services are vital whether you are a private individual, or you represent a business, company, or organization. An unfortunate reality is that many people you deal with represent themselves to be something that they are not. They might do this to gain your trust. They might be inflating past accomplishments or they might be pretending to possess skills or expertise that they lack. They might also want to hide a past poor credit decisions or they could be covering up a criminal record.

People lie for many reasons. What is important is that you do not fall for it. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by a convincing actor or forger. Hire a private investigator from Eagle Eyes Investigations for your next criminal background investigation.

If you are looking to run a background investigation on any particular person or set of individuals, get in touch with us right away via our Contact page. With our private detective on the case, you can rest easy knowing you are protected.

Criminal Background Investigation: Scenarios Where it is Vital

It is not uncommon to hear in the news that someone was able to lie his way into a household or company in order to steal or commit some other crime. People sometimes forget that there are people out there who have made an art form out of lying, whether for financial profit or for some other purpose. When trust is placed in the wrong person, the result is loss, regret, or tragedy. This is why a criminal background investigation carried out by professional private investigators is more important than many people realize.

There are many specific cases where background investigations are important. For example, you might be speaking with a potential tenant for a property that you manage. Is that person a good credit risk? Or you might be interviewing a new employee. Is everything on his or her resume true or are there convincing fabrications? Are you planning to hire a nanny for your kids or someone to care for an elderly parent? Does the applicant have a history of past abuse or neglect? These are only some of the many scenarios where a criminal background investigation is necessary.

Background Investigation: What We Can Do for You

Background Investigation Services in Kansas City

Whether you need a criminal background investigation or a more general investigation, our firm can uncover the truth that you are seeking. There are a number of basic background searches that we can do. For instance:

  • We can verify the social security number of the person you are interested in.
  • We can also check if there are any liens or judgments applied to the person.
  • We can run a check for any past criminal or civil cases where the person has been implicated.
  • When relevant, we can go through the driving records of the person to check for past problems.
  • We can also verify if the person has been previously identified as a sexual predator or involved in some other criminal case.
  • We can also vet and verify the person's past employment.

These are only some of the pieces of information that we can find for you through a criminal background investigation. These examples only scratch the surface, so if you need information that is more specialized or something more specific, we can have a private eye look into that for you as well.

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If you need a criminal background investigation performed on any individual or business, get in touch with us via our Contact page. We would be happy to put our private detective on your case.

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