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You might be looking for a private investigator for any number of reasons. Whatever the purpose, rest assured that our company is one that can get the job done. Eagle Eyes Investigations, LLC is a full service private investigation firm based in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We offer our professional and confidential services to a wide range of clients. These include attorneys who are representing their clients' interests as well as numerous businesses, corporations, organizations, and other entities. Many private individuals have also benefitted from working with a private investigator from Eagle Eyes Investigations.

If you are interested in making use of our private investigator services, please get in touch with us through the information on our Contact page. We can provide you with a professional private detective to handle any of your needs.

A Private Investigator Company You Can Trust

Eagle Eyes Investigations is fully licensed and insured. While we are based in Kansas City, our operations and services extend far wider than that metropolis. We perform our services throughout Kansas, Missouri, North America, and we can operate globally if necessary.

Our private investigators offer a wide range of services. We can carry out work relating to workers' compensation fraud, background investigations, witness interviews, process serving, and locating people.

Different types of clients hire us for different reasons. For example:

  • A Private Investigator Might be Needed to Verify a Nanny or Caretaker
  • A Private Investigator Might be Needed to Screen a Job Applicant
  • A Private Investigator Might be Needed to Interview a Witness

A Private Investigator Might Be Needed to Verify a Nanny or Caretaker

Children are precious. However, in many families, the parents themselves do not have the time to watch their kids 24 hours a day because of work and other responsibilities. Therefore, they hire a nanny. Unfortunately, this introduces a stranger into the household, and even if the nanny provides references or documents on her background, these are no guarantee that she can be trusted. After all, references can be faked and documents can be forged. Unfortunately, there is no end to the horror stories of children suffering under the supervision of those hired to care for them. If you are interested in protecting your family, this is one scenario where our private investigators can come in and offer background check and investigation services.

Private Investigators in Kansas City: Investigation & Surveillance

A Private Investigator Might be Needed to Screen a Job Applicant

This is a similar scenario to that of the nanny, except it confronts a business instead of a private individual. Again, references and documentation are no guarantee that the person appearing before you is who he says he is. There is a compelling need to dig deeper. After all, that job applicant, if hired, will have access to your company premises, to your computer system, privileged files, confidential and proprietary information, information on your company's staff, customers and suppliers, and more. You do not want to let the wrong person in. This is a scenario where a private investigator can help by providing a thorough background investigation.

A Private Investigator Might be Needed to Interview a Witness

Most lawyers are already handling large amounts of work, relating to the different cases they take on. Having to track down and interview witnesses, especially those in geographically dispersed locations might be all but impossible for them to do themselves. This is another scenario where a private investigator can step in to provide much needed support.

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If you think that you or your business would benefit from our services, get in touch with us today through our Contact page. Whatever your needs, let Eagle Eyes be your eyes, and let us provide the information and evidence you need.

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